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A twirl motion is used when smoking meth out of a "hubble" (meth pipe). So comes the terminology of twirlin is for smokin meth!
Whatcha doin? I'm gonna go twirl by myself in the basement
by Willie Tutu February 14, 2011
Forming of a giant blister or callus on your thumb from smoking soooo much meth.
I can tell weather or not anyone has been smoking meth recently by seeing weather or not they've got tweaker's thumb(s).
by Willie Tutu December 22, 2010
One whom likes to steal clothes inorder to cross dress.
A gay or straight, that secretly likes to steal to crossdress.
Gaydini can make panties and bras disappear out of women's dressers and laundry rooms without getting caught.
by Willie Tutu January 02, 2011

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