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The rule that states that if you're on the phone and the call gets dropped, the person who made the dropped call is the one who initiates the callback.
As long as we follow the Kielback, we'll always know who should call back if we get disconnected.
by Willie K June 02, 2008
A person who is overly excited or cheerful, especially about something lame.
All right. I get it - you like American Idol. Quit being such a Happy Smack about it.
by Willie K May 28, 2008
An ill-conceived or poorly planned venture.
When Tim forgot the booze, the party turned into a total picnic in the dark.
by Willie K May 28, 2008
stands for Fucking Ill-Planned
Christ... we're a half-hour late and we haven't even left yet. This trip is FIP.
by Willie K May 28, 2008

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