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The act of insertion of a small projectile (e.g., peanut, dried bean, apple pie-flavored jelly belly jellybean) into the male urethra through the tip of the penis for the purpose of increased stimulation during masturbation and the added effect of rapid projection upon ejaculation.
Dude! Red just knocked over your mom's picture! Yeah, the one on the other side of the room! Doin' the Roman Candle, how else?
by Willie Joe May 13, 2005
The unfortunate side effect of a roman candle (def. 2) gone wrong. When the potential projectile becomes lodged in the urethra resulting in an inability to ejaculate and/or urinate.
Dude, we gotta call the hospital... I know there's nothing more humiliating than a roman drought but you're gonna get an infection...
#roman candle #bean meanie #bean meany #the flaming muniz #roman draut
by Willie Joe April 08, 2006
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