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A "down low" broad. on of those dirty broads thats so fucking slutty that you don't want anyone to know you got down with her. You only do because she's hot....or you were faded off your ass.
"holy shit dawwwg, did you see that bitch that just walked by"
"fer sher dude. total DL broad"
by WilliamT November 05, 2005
a city filled with the rich. you wish you could live here, but we're glad you dont because you too poor. we drive our expensive cars, wear our expensive clothing and snort only THEE finest cocaine.
-"so where do you live"
-"grosse pointe"
-"o cool. wanna hang out"
-"Ummm...well you see i would, but umm im too rich for you"
by WilliamT November 05, 2005
to get drunk high, or just straight up fucked up. grosse pointe south high school is the only place it is used.
"what should we do this weekend, billy, my dear old mother is out of town"
"fuck dude, we gotta get straight up FADED"
"but mother says that i can only have one friend over at a time"
"MAN fuck that shit, ill whoop you pussy ass"
by WilliamT November 05, 2005

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