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1. The act of getting what is essentially getting a nights sleep in a fraction of the time.

2. An afternoon nap to keep you up later that night.
"Whew, had to power nap last night. Exams = pwning me."

"Hey, I gotta power nap for a bit so I can mack on some bitches. Ill see ya in a few."

"I had to power nap last night when Jen got done with me, especially after she brought those ponies in."
by William Woody January 11, 2006
A seemingly random collection of 15-30 minute videos detailing the finer points of the gamers life (i.e. believing that you live in Azeroth, throwing pinecones instead of frag grenades, etc.). Jeremy is the main character of the show, with other characters like FPS Doug, Kyle, and Jeremys girlfriend. The show is pretty much teh ubar.

Check it out at: www.purepwnage.com
Person 1: "Did you see that sweet new episode of pure pwnage?"
Person 2: "Hellz yeah, it was like the pwnage n stuff, I mean, it totally pwned."
Person 1: "Like yeah, Im gonna go play WoW now."
by William Woody June 02, 2006
Painful feeling in your chest that makes you think you are going to die. Common after eating spicy foods or if you have acid reflux.

"My heart feels like its going to explode, Ive got heartburn"

"Fucking bad genes give me heartburn"
by William Woody July 22, 2005
A fun prank to pull on your friends while theyre distracted. Quickly say homosaywhat, theyll say what, hilarity will ensue.
Good times are had when calling friends homos. Especially when using homosaywhat.
by William Woody February 15, 2006
Another term for Bladder.
"Im going to go empty my urine sack now"

"Dont make me pour my urine sack all over you"

"Black people cant hold their urine sack, so they get out of class"
by William Woody July 22, 2005
Show entailing various emo fags trying to strive to be cool again. They say such things as "I hate living" or "I have to shit outside now". They also have hippy albino 'teachers' that try to make them feel 'normal' again.
"That brat camp show is so gay, I hate television more now"

"Those kids on brat camp sure do know how to fuck things up for parents"
by William Woody July 22, 2005
Genearl nerd with no friends outside of his anime. He repels all hopes of being gay by watching only lesbian porn, sometimes changing to beastiality. Seen over 330 hours of anime total, has no life outside of his home. Genearl Fag.
"Have you seen Louie Geier?"
"No, he is always in his room wanking off"

"Louie Geier watches to much anime"

"Louie Geier stuff tissues in his bra"

"Louie Geier touches himself in school"
by William Woody May 10, 2005

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