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A big computer nerd, who grew up with no friends. He created a network of people, in which he is automatically added as everyone's friend. This makes Tom think that he has actual friends (he doesn't) and he can now sleep and masturbate without crying.
Person 1: "Hey, I just joined MySpace and this Tom guy is apparently my friend. I don't know him and he doesn't look like the type of person that I would normally befriend."
Person 2: "Myspace Tom is a computer nerd and made it so the MySpace network automatically makes him your friend. I suggest that you immediately delete that pathetic loser from your friends."
by William Stephens May 15, 2006
Wheelchair kryptonite.
Person: "Hey, let's go down these stairs."
Wheelchair Person: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
by William Stephens May 14, 2006
A disease that afflicts me and made me think for 3 years of my life that my left leg was longer than my right leg. Every time my phone rings I think it is the FBI. And every time my doorbell rings I think it is a giant purple dinosaurs that eats children.
Person: "William, why are you in the fetal position under your bed?"
Me: "Paranoia."
by William Stephens May 14, 2006
The answer to every question on Playstation 2's Jeopardy!. Actually, since you need to answer in the form of a question, every answer is: "Who is Burt Reynolds."
Alex Trebek: "The Capital of South Korea."
Jeopardy! Contestant: "Who is Burt Reynolds?"
by William Stephens April 21, 2006
A place where there are no toilets, becuase everyone craps in their pants. Also, one of the funniest places to set off a fire alarm.
Grandson: "Dad, what's that smell."
Father: "I think grandpa crapped in his pants again."
Grandson: "Let's send him to a nursing home."
Grandpa: "I'm old."
by William Stephens May 14, 2006
A form of house that people live in due to its lack of flammability.
Person: "Hey Bubba, is that your house burning down?"
Bubba: "Nope, my trailer is made of metal and we all know that metal is not flammable."
by William Stephens May 14, 2006
1. A scary man that makes me cry and occasionally shit my

2. Anyone who pops their collar.

3. An African American term for joking around.
1. Person 1: "Why is there shit in your pants?"
Person 2: "The clown in my closet scared the shit out
of me again.

2. Person 1: "Is his collar popped?"
Person 2: "Yes, it is. What a clown. A pathetic, gay

3. Leroy: "Don't be mad, I just be clownin'."
by William Stephens May 14, 2006

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