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A back up singer is just that, someone who is in the behind hte rest of the band providing additional vocals for the lead vocalist. Back up singers are genrally not the main players in the band thus the term "back up" singers. Not considered to be one of the key players. When and if the back up singers desides not to attend, the concert can techniqually go on without them. This being said, as a back up singer you should know your place and have full understanding that it is the experience that you will use in the future that is trully your reward. Many great singers started off as unpaid back up singers. Genrally getting only food and housing pervided for them. At most a nation wide touring band gives no more then 5% of the pay to Back up's. Not including sales percentages of merchandise. The two most important parts of a back up singers is the ability to hold a note, and the responsibility of bringing your own microphone. If you are unable to do so watch out behind you cause someone else will.
Back-up singer
BU-I want equal money as a member of the band.
BAND-but you can't even sing.
BU-I show up
BAND- yes but you can't even sing
by William Smithers July 14, 2008
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