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2 definitions by William Richey

An Australian term of endearment, similar to "Mate" but usually used in a slightly more patronising tone and with less immediate masculine connotations.

A good example is a parent describing a son or daughter, or an older person describing a young person.

The term is usually used playfully.
"G'day, John, you couldn't keep an eye on Bugalugs over here while I get something out of my car could you?"
by William Richey February 26, 2004
A stereotype of a Greek person in Australian vernacular.
Originated on the television programme "The Comedy Company" - an overly ethnic Greek fruiterer, played by the actor Mark Mitchell. "Con the fruiterer's" most famous catchphrase is "Coupla days!"
"That bloody wog, hasn't learn a bit of English. Still speaks like bloody Con the fruiterer."
by William Richey November 13, 2003