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Congo Cock; an extremly large penis, similar in length as a stallion horse when completley erect.
The congo cock has been known to be as long as 2 meters. The tribesmen found deep in the heart of the congo rainforest, claim to have such giant penis' because of a secret plant they consume.
William has an almighty congo cock, the length of a hosepipe.
by William Nash November 04, 2007
The hovering butterfly
How it's done Lie on your back with your partner straddling you, facing towards the headboard and bracing herself against the wall.
Advantage This position is a favourite of many women, and it's a good one to use as your partner nears orgasm. She'll be able to control your speed, pressure, and the angle of her pelvis to allow you access to specific areas. With her partner somewhat hidden beneath her, she can easily drift off into her own world, which may help her climax.
Secret to success Let her call the shots - don't follow her if she lifts her pelvis off your mouth and don't try to reach for spots she's pulled out of the target zone.
Work with what's right in front of you.
The stronger tongue stroke here is upward.
Do the hovering butterfly you fucking whore!! Stop faking your orgasm and go fucking mental bitch!
by William Nash November 28, 2007

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