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A psytrance definition of dancing, ie The dirtauh stomp. Comes from the cowboyish stomping at outdoor events that create duststorms on the dance floor. Used to describe a rockin psytrance sound.
The dirt-tauh stomp. That song has a real dirt-tauh stompin' beat- meaning, it has the ability to make people get up and dance hard.
by William Janzer October 25, 2004
Slang for a resident of salt lake, UT.
Background: Used to describe the laidback, cultish residents of salt lake city, UT.
Get up off your ass and stop being a salt lakey! Just cause you live in a morman bubble doesen't mean the rest of the world does too!
by William Janzer October 25, 2004
A county bordering the delaware river in PA. Also used to decribe stuck up people who act like they are ritch and sofisticated. Also used to describe overly priced antiques sold to yuppie new yorkers. Also known as the new yorkers wet dream
A rusted out urinal from a junk yard turned into a planter, only it has a $400 price tag on it. And the sap from new york who bought it drove four hours to pick it up from new york city in a hummer that has never been off road.
by William Janzer October 25, 2004

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