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5 definitions by William Gilson

1. The act of someone attempting a stupid stunt, usually resulting in a hospital stay or death.

2. Individual who performs said stunt. A Jackass.
1. He just did a johnny knoxville of that hill and broke his damn neck.

2. Nice job, Johnny knoxville. Now pick up your teeth.
by William Gilson August 29, 2006
A term used to describe a very big or powerful truck. Is also the name of the Autobot leader from Transformers, who transforms into a semi truck.
Guys car gets rammed by a semi truck. He says to the truck driver, "God dammit, why'd you destroy my car with Optimus Prime, you idiot."
by William Gilson August 29, 2006
Another way of describing masturbation. More commonly when talking about Transformers fans. The semen is then refered to as Energon. If done in the bathroom, the toilet becomes the Space Bridge. Decepticons are the bad guys from Transformers.
"After Rick saw that hot babe with the DD breasts, he ran into the bathroom and started battling the Decepticon."
"How do you know?"
"There was Energon in the Space Bridge."
by William Gilson August 29, 2006
1- A shit stain or stray shit when one doesn't wipe their ass properly.

2-A piece of shit
This is the last time I do your laundry. Your underwears are full of assgoblins.

Damn, flush the toilet, man! You left an assgoblin in there.
by William Gilson August 29, 2006
Used in Frank Miller's graphic novel Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, billy means wild or crazy. Another variation is billy berserk.
You're driving me all billy.

Dave went billy berserk and tore up the room.
by William Gilson August 29, 2006