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Cheap Information Technology related temporary labor hired to do simple automated tasks. In effect they are hired just to keep clicking the "next" button when prompted by the computer. They are usually employed to do tasks that doesn't require much thinking. These "nexters" just have to follow a simple script.
1. I hired some nexters to help with the software rollout. 2. I saved a ton of money using nexters to input the data. With the new system, I just had to hire some nexters to finish up.
by William Genao October 13, 2004
1. Spanish slang word that describes a usually long and cylindrical amount of human excrement.

2. A useless and worthless individual that isn't even good enough to be thrown away.
1. Diablo!, mira ese mohon! el bano se vas a tapar.

2. Mira ese mohon, no sirve para nada.
by William Genao July 28, 2006
adj. The act of being highly inebriated. Typically used when the person is intoxicated with alcohol as opposed to other drugs. Commonly used in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, NY during the late 80's
Man, I didn't know what I was doing last night. Drank too many forties, I was stymied!

That bum is always stymied.
by William Genao October 15, 2004

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