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When you realize your looking at someone's facebook profile that you don't care about, in fact you hate them, and everything you read about the profile disgusts you, and then you catch your reflection in the computer screen and you see the skin of your face sagging off your skull, and it scares you, and like a drug addict you see the end of your life surfing some idiot's profile so you delete your account...or just suspend it for now, because who know one day...you might be able to use if effectively and not waste time on it, because it's not a waste of time...right?
I threw up when I hit facebook rock bottom
by William Bee Cartright February 03, 2011
1) RPIB. When a man places his testicles in the middle of a woman's vagina, she covers his testicles with her labia, and then queefs to reveal the testies to the world again.
2) When a man rips the skin of his penis off, reverses the skin, slips it onto his hand, like a glove, and uses it to masturbate.
I asked if she wanted to RPIB (reverse pigs in a blanket) and she laughed. The laugh caused an involuntary queef. Our eyes met, she looked like a wood nymph, and we both knew what would happen next.
by William Bee Cartright February 03, 2011
When your in a college fraternatey and you recognize a girls ass because her ass has been taged in so many picutres.
Bro! Is that that girl Sue? Damn I recognize that ass from Tina's facebook! That's a facebook bottom to remember.
by William Bee Cartright February 03, 2011

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