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-Has THE best band director there ever was or will be
-We sometimes forget that he's black
-He has superpowers
-Has "Mood Shirts"
-Dresses like a gentleman
-Thinks he has a collegiate band...he's right though...
-Has a wife named Tiffany...they love each other...even though they don't PDA...eww glad they don't
-We love to hate him and hate to love him
-His rehearsals are ridiculous
-Says sexual innuendos without realizing it
-Anal about everything
-Organized a year ahead...no lie
-Will do just about anything for his kids
-His students are his kids FYI
-So many conspiracy theories...it's hard to keep track of them
-The only black teacher at our school
-NO ONE ever corrects him...I did once...and got made fun of...never again
-Plays the clarinet...manly
-Is always watching...
-When he has a kid, the name will either be "Whittany" or "Tifmore"...lol ...
-Actually...can we call the kid "Whitless???" Do you get it???
-When someone says,"CCHS Bands," they say it with pride
-Can show up out of nowhere
-Can hear anything...no matter how far away you are
-Can make any kid stop in his/her tracks by saying "Hey"
-"Compare his baton to mine" (Whitmore's was bigger)
-"Hey!!!" The group stops and looks..."Don't move" And he throws a piece of paper at someone
-The baseball team is on the marching field..."THIS IS MY FIELD AND THESE ARE MY KIDS NOW MOVE!!!" (They leave)
-Football coach came over to see our level of maturity and dedication
-He says "All black!!!" for a reason
by William Beaverhausen June 12, 2008

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