22 definitions by William Joseph Hemmington

when their isn't a seperation between an ankle and calf. ankle + calf = cankle
Sister Abby has cankles.
by william joseph hemmington December 21, 2004
A word used to describe cool.
See also: the "f" word
Sergei Federov is fierce good.
by William Joseph Hemmington December 19, 2004
A small yet delightfully tacky town in between Pasadena and Glendale. It is highly multicultural consisting of 50% phillipeanos, 30% mexicans,19% whites, and 1% of others. A common belief is that if you live below Eagle Rock Blvd., you live in the crappier part of Eagle Rock. There MAY be some truth to that.
Eagle Rock Elementary boy: I live below Eagle Rock Blvd. because it's the poorer part of town.
Rockdale Boy: This school is small therefore giving children that learn in smaller classrooms the benefit of the doubt.
St. Dominics kid: I go to a school with a 5 out of 10 point grade. We desperately need a better education and the teachers take over the glory of the kids who go to good schools. Our junior high math department sucks. Wait until high school to be enlightened.
by William Joseph Hemmington December 19, 2004
a nation so technologically advanced that...
they still eat with sticks?
as i peered into the window of the most intelligent technological experts from japan, they opted to archaically eat with sticks
by william joseph hemmington January 20, 2006
If one were to notice, a bubble comes up when they fart inside of the bathtub. Upon seeing this bubble, a quimby will make his/her best effort to try to pop this bubble with his/her teeth.
Stoney is a quimby because he tries to pop the bubbles in the bathtub that come out of his anus.
by william joseph hemmington August 13, 2005
a latina girl's boyfriend sancho
Teacher: Why did you get pregnant?
Girl: You told me to do my essay (ese)!!
by William Joseph Hemmington November 18, 2005
a series of designs to create a penis
a picture of a penis
by william joseph hemmington December 21, 2004
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