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19 definitions by William J J T

A person so overweight they stay inside all day long. Usually due to crippling depression brought on by morbid obesity and/or ugliness.
Person 1: Some chick bought my movie collection but she doesn't drive and sent her kid over to pick them up.

Person 2: Yeah, she's probably a fat shut-in.
by William J J T October 29, 2010
The lowest grade steak you can legally buy. You'd think you were eating literal hammered shit.
I went to Denny's and ate their Hammered Shit Steak then had a violent green meat attack.
by William J J T October 29, 2010
A person who smears the focus and/or facts of an argument because they cannot win.

It may also loosely be used to describe someone as disingenuous or stupid.
I tried arguing with this guy on YouTube but he's a real Smudge Head so I blocked him.
by William J J T June 12, 2011
An animal or human laying dead in a ditch that could still be considered edible.
I work for Denny's as a ditch meat collector.
by William J J T October 29, 2010
To shoot and kill someone, typically with a single shot to the head from a distance.
*Gun shot* *Man falls to ground dead* DUSTED!
by William J J T October 29, 2010