19 definitions by William J J T

When the bass guitar sounds so good (typically funkified) it's literally humping your face.
Come see us play live if you like ripping guitar solo's and the bass humping your face.
by William J J T October 29, 2010
The lowest grade steak you can legally buy. You'd think you were eating literal hammered shit.
I went to Denny's and ate their Hammered Shit Steak then had a violent green meat attack.
by William J J T October 29, 2010
A person who smears the focus and/or facts of an argument because they cannot win.

It may also loosely be used to describe someone as disingenuous or stupid.
I tried arguing with this guy on YouTube but he's a real Smudge Head so I blocked him.
by William J J T June 12, 2011
An animal or human laying dead in a ditch that could still be considered edible.
I work for Denny's as a ditch meat collector.
by William J J T October 29, 2010
To shoot and kill someone, typically with a single shot to the head from a distance.
*Gun shot* *Man falls to ground dead* DUSTED!
by William J J T October 29, 2010
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