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2 definitions by Willhelm

A bustling metropolis North of NYC. Once famous, now is largely inhabited by drug dealers who couldn't hack it in the big city, and the gangs of roaming crack heads that have fallen victim to the lure of the big city dope dealer's product. There are also alot of Guyanese people who have moved there from NYC and started buying property and making improvements on that property in order to turn it over for a profit....then buy nice homes for themselves in Rotterdam, a nice town on the Schenectady border where the Italians live for the most part. And let us not forget the prostitutes, as there are many. From somewhat high-class call girl types, to nasty toothless crack whores who will suck your dick for $5. Schenectady is also home of the most corrupt police department in the entire world, bar none. They run the drug, prostitution, and gambling rings. They've been known to drive drunk, shoot innocent people, yell racial slurrs, and throw eggs at citizens. In the early to mid 90's, Schenectady was dubbed "Baby New York" largely due to the high murder rate. However, the people that still live there have never given up hope, and they have new pipe dreams every year of businesses moving in. Most businesses that do make the seemingly drastic move to Schenectady typically employ less than 100 people, thus not putting a dent in the city's unemployment problem. Some of the Schenectadian's favorite pass times include: spin the crack head, guess who's got VD, robbing the Haji-Mart, selling drugs to cops, buying drugs from cops, getting raped in Central Park, and being a porch monkey. Some other names for Schenectady are Scum-nectady, Skank-ectady, and shit town.
girl: "so, where ya from anyway?"
guy: "Schenectady"
girl: "OMG, are you a crack head or an AIDS patient?"
by Willhelm October 24, 2006
An underpaid employee of a large corporation. They do more than their superiors, and have broader knowledge of the technical side of things. Unappreciated.
Buyer: "I don't know how to figure this out, guess I'll have to ask the OSA"

OSA: "They pay you how much to know nothing?"
by Willhelm October 23, 2006