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1.A person (usually a female) that is so ugly, that the ugliness goes down to the bone. Personality and all. People say that beauty is skin deep, but this ugliness goes to the bone.
2.Someone who maybe good looking, but their personilty is so repugnant that the ugliness is in the core of their body, making them entirely undesirable.
1.Person 1: Sarah is such an insulting bitch. And it is not as though she is good looking.
Person 2: She is a proper bone dog, man. For real.

2.Person 1: I saw Casey today and she is one fine honey! Mmmm. I'd like to get me a piece of that!
Person 2: Yeah! For sure. But if you spent 5 minutes with her you would see what a bone dog she is. Man, her bullshit gets on my nerves and winds me right up.
by Willerby January 15, 2004

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