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2 definitions by Will93

The act of spontaneously committing to a lengthy and preferably dangerous road-trip with one or more friends. The Power-Drive is an utterly patriarchal socio-cultural phenomenon and cannot be carried out by women. When women do this it is called PMS on wheels. The spontaneity of the Power-Drive is sacred, it cannot be premeditated and it cannot be convenient. It is a dangerous and gratifying ritual which pitches a team of steel-gutted wing-wheeled bros against such odds as: fatigue, bad weather, the emptiness of a pauper's gas tank and sobriety. The consumption of nicotine is a traditional part of the Power-Drive but is not requisite.
"The highway's filled with broken heroes on a last chance Power-Drive." -from Bruce Springsteen's: Born to Run
by Will93 September 28, 2011
A person who inexplicably vanishes before your eyes. They appear to be of normal human composition with the exception of their uncanny ability to simply be 'there' one minute and 'not there' the next. A vanisher may or may not engage its witness, but invariable ends up by stepping at least partially out of view for a split second and then disappearing completely. This is not a matter of object permanence, as an immediate and thorough inspection of the area which they supposedly entered will invariably reveal no sign of their presence. Revenants of sorts, they tend to manifest themselves mainly between the hours of 3 and 5 a.m.
Holy shit! That guy just stepped around the corner and then he was gone! I mean, I just looked back there and he's nowhere to be found...

Yep, that's a vanisher.
by Will93 September 28, 2011