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Vice President I'd like To Fuck, orgianated by sXePHIL from YouTube or he also know as Phillip DeFranco. This was made mainly for John McCain's running mate Sarah Palin.
John: Dude did you see McCain's new running mate?

Bill: Yeah shes a babe

John: No shes a VPILF!
by Will Reed September 02, 2008
A term from the LA gang called the Bloods meaning, riding in Crips turf looking for cripts to kill
Blood 1: Hey Im bored

Blood 2: Were by Compton lets do some CK Riding
by Will Reed May 31, 2008
When a computer constantly gets Pop Ups ads
John: Hey go on youtube I saw a great video!

Bob: I can't my computer has Pop Up Toretse
by Will Reed May 23, 2008

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