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Excellent, fantastic, marvelous, quite superb. In other words another word for something good. Do not confuse with Hot shit (see hot shit).
See that car over there?
Yeah it's shit hot.
by Will Marston May 28, 2003
Thanks to catherine and her ballooning experiment everytime she has a baby. The term zeta jones means to eat like it's your last ever meal.
damn!!! Ya'll see that beeyarch zetajones dat dare burger?
by Will Marston May 19, 2003
The requirement for a friend to sleep with your boyfriend/girlfriend so that you can dump him/her.
"Listen mate I need a favour. My girlfriend's doing my head in. Can ya pudge her?".

by Will Marston May 19, 2003
This word is only used to describe how much drink has been drunk whilst that person is actually drunk.
I've drunken 30 pints, ya bastard.
by Will Marston May 19, 2003
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