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2 definitions by Will Hiver

When having sex with a lady friend you insert you finger into her bum hole and wipe it under her nose (see dirty sanchez) Later on - During the love making - While french kissing your lady friend you wonder - "What is that smell ?"
I gave her a "Dirty Billy" last night and I can still smell it.
by Will Hiver February 04, 2010
13 3
The Fungzilla occurs during extreme intoxication. It involves vomiting profusely while barrelling through an aquaintances' residence, leaving a path of destruction resembling Godzilla in Tokyo. The culmination involves dropping a Hiroshima-like fecal bomb.
Did you see the "Fungzilla" buddy pulled last night I think we're gonna need a steam cleaner.
by Will Hiver February 05, 2010
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