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adj. Someone who acts a bit gay to get the attention of the opposite sex. Predetory and pre-maditated, one plays on the intrigue of a stranger by flirting a bit camply(if male) to get the female interested then revealing, (much later) that they are not. Female then relieved. Allows outragous flirting from man with little or now risk of slap of turn of back.
Harry is such a Fauxmo; look at him with that girl. She has no idea!
by will h January 13, 2005
A ferociously fabulous and fierce personality type, that only a certain few may possess. You must be born with it. And you must be fierce enough to tame it or you will lose it forever. It is a hard job to keep up, but those who are able, can slay Earth all day, every day.
Wow, she's a true Will Harrison in the making...
by Will H March 15, 2015

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