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Someone who says supercalifragilisticexpealidocious, but with a lisp.
Haley: Thupercalifragilithticexthpealidociouth!
Cody: Hey you have a lithp!
by Will Forest February 05, 2009
A nickname for a mean english teacher.
Look its Mrs. Magle-Bagle!
by Will Forest February 11, 2009
An awesome town but rather boring. The best attraction is the Kern County Fair and it has one of the worst air qualities in the USA. It is also the 4th driest city in the US. (Yes, even drier than Ridgecrest.) Also has a killer river that has been dry for a year now.
Stacy: I have lived in Bakersfield my whole life and its has gotten rather boring. Sigh... I wish the river would come back.
by Will Forest February 13, 2009

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