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Grindcore with a socio-political purpose. Name coined by the Belgian band Agathocles. Almost the opposite of gore-grind as far as message is concerned.
Agathocles is mincecore.
by Will Butler September 01, 2007
The term 'Ill Keep Pratce' is slang for 'I'll Keep Practicing'. The phrase was first coined by SomethingAwful.com's Dr. David Thorpe in 2002 in a sort story published in somethingawful's forums (later to be published on the main site). The phrase is in relation to a special needs kid who used to try to breakdance and fail dismally. in Thorpe's yearbook, the kid wrote 'ill keep pratce'.
i fell off the skateboard, but ill keep pratce.
by Will Butler February 06, 2007
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