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The man penetrates his lady friend in the 'doggy' position. At the point of climax, he puts his hands to the side of his head, palms open and pointing forwards, with the thumbs pressed just above the ears, representing antlers. Moose-esque sound effects/shaking of the head are optional.
With all the noise and shaking, Felicity thought that Roger was having a heart attack. It was only after cleaning up that he revealed that he had been indulging in a spot of moosing. She resolved to position herself in front of a mirror next time he tried to slip her one from behind.
by Will Bowen November 19, 2004
Sexual intercourse inolving at least one man. Or at least one dildo.
The Captain had dropped his soap, and the chap winced. When the instruction came to pick it up, he knew he was in for another rodding.
by Will Bowen October 06, 2004
In an atmosphere of bonhomie, possibly at a party, a member of the group will put his glass to one side and suggest a spot of goating. The group will then drop trousers and pants and chase each other round the room, trying to stick their fingers up each others bottoms. It is recommended that particular attention to cleanliness is observed whilst making one's toilette.
The party really kicked off when Rappy suggested they all get goating.
by Will Bowen May 07, 2004
A term for a lady's most intimate region. So-named because the pubic hair, if not well maintained, can encroach 'further round the saddle', thus completing an approximate circle, or 'loop'.
Big Dave thought he was game-on for sure, until he noticed the tell-tale cotton tailed pony protruding from her furry loop...
by Will Bowen October 06, 2004
A sexual act involving three willing partners, two of whom must be male. One of the chaps doffs his trousers, while the second penetrates him from behind - both are standing up. The third member of this unholy trinity then performs oral sex on the man who is being penetrated. The origin of the term is unknown, but there may be a tenuous Rasputin link.
Percy had never been much of a one for threesomes, but at least in a Russian roasting he got to see the end of Will & Grace.
by Will Bowen June 04, 2004
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