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3 definitions by Will Benson

This is when after anal sex with a fellow lady friend, you insert your testicles in her anus.Letting it clamp up, and jumping like a kangaroo to get them out.
I kangaroo balled Christina last night, in the end both of us were crying.
by Will Benson February 21, 2004
When someone licks or tosses the salad of someone engaged in kangaroo balling or wallaby balling. This is done to lubricate the exit of the testicles.
Jon platypus ducked Ben and Raymond, when they were wallaby balling.
by Will Benson February 23, 2004
The homosexual variation of kangaroo balling that involves two gay males.
Ben and Raymond recently engaged in wallaby balling last week for extra credit.
by Will Benson February 23, 2004