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1 definition by Will Battale

Drinking game made up from 3 pimps and a dame. Get small cups preferably Dixie™ cups (the miniature ones(the shot glass ones(the small ones))) Anyways, make jello shots with vodka in the little cups and then put 6 cups or more (alot more(preferably 10)) on each side like beerpong. Then use quarters, dimes, and nickels. (no pesos OR pennies) and play it like you play beer pong but with the change:

1. Double bounces count as 2 cups (just like 2 shots o' Jell-o)
2. You may slap the coin away after (and only after) 2 OR more bounces of the coin.
"I want to get drunk."

"lets play quarters but we have no brew.. but hey! i found a bottle of liquor"
by Will Battale October 25, 2007
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