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A term used to describe the unbearable burning sensation of your anus during a bowel movement that usually occurs after injesting spicy, exotic, entrees
That Thai food gave me volcanus. I was late for my meeting because I had to put the flames out.

spicy butt
butt lava
burning bum
by Wildman Bill June 18, 2009
A manuever that takes place in the early, unsuspecting hours of the morning where a man positions his crotch over the face of the victim, pulls his morning wood down towards his toes and releases it like a catapault . This strike hits the "opponent", obliterates their jaw, and results in a sound resembling a knockout or similar hard hit in a fight.

Most commonly used at house parties, fraternity houses, and bedrooms as punishment to humiliate a person such as an uninvited guest, a tool, or irritating girlfriend who has pissed you off. A quick and easy way to get revenge or show disapproval.
"Last night at the party, Brandon passed out on the couch with his shoes on so Frank woke him up this morning with a 1st Round Knockout."

"Why's Lisa's chin swollen?" "She was a complete cunt to me last night so I got up early this morning just so I could pay her back with a 1st Round Knockout"
"Spiderman her next time"
by Wildman Bill September 11, 2009
Similar to the 1st Round Knockout, however, this phenomenon occurs late at night instead of early in the morning.

This move is generally used to humiliate those who fall asleep too early. (i.e. your girlfriend, boyfriend or uninvited guest at a party).
"I waited all damn day for a romantic night and the bitch fell asleep as soon as she got home. I gave her a 12th Round Knockout, took a cold shower, and went to sleep.
I got up early this morning to wake her with an alarm cock."

"Bucky gave Keith a 12th Round Knockout for eating all the spaghetti and falling asleep during the UFC fight!"
by Wildman Bill March 05, 2010
Placing the pad of your mom, girlfriend, or any other woman in your household in the toilet bowl before you drop oval brownies to prevent cold water from splashing up into your anus.
"You and Courtney still together?"
"No...she broke up with me because I used her last pantie liner for a landing pad. She couldn't go to her job interview because she bled through her pants."

"Come out tonight."
"I cant...Im grounded."
"For what?"
"Mom caught me using her tampax for a landing pad."
by Wildman Bill March 05, 2010

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