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1 definition by Wildcat Crew Rower

One of the hardest most demanding sports that takes all your time and energy, and even though you may hate it with the passion of 100 million suns, you continue to do anyways.

A sport that causes friends, who do not row, of the athletes who participate in crew to want to slap the rower's face for complaining about how hard crew is than when they suggest they quit, just stare blankly back as if they are thinking, but thats not even a possibility.

This sport sucks, but will get you a great body, some great friends, into a good college, but otherwise it ruins your life.

Sport that elicits excessive muffin, bagel, and pasta consumption.

Rowers are hungry ALL THE TIME!!!

Rowers know --to erg= to kill yourself repeatedly
Rower: I hate crew, im so tired all the time, my grades suck and it sucks.
Non-rowing friend of rower: If you hate it s much, why don't you quit?
Rower: **Blank stare**

"muffin muffin muffin"

I just erged a 2K and i PR'd but it feels like my throat is bleeding
by Wildcat Crew Rower May 10, 2009
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