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The greatest speedbag show of our times. Spoof comedy originated on youtube by Adam Salomon AKA Speedbag Scissorhands.
I watched the greatest episode of Speedbag Scissorhands on www.speedbagscissorhands.com. It received many accolades from the famed comedic writers of Hollywood.
by Wild Bor November 29, 2009
Getting sucked off by a lady with no teeth.
I went to the Southside and was looking for a toothless hooker that gives blowjobs or Baby Blowjobs.
by Wild Bor December 22, 2008
The art of getting confused during texting. Usually happens with multiple text conversations or not understanding the texting language and results in random texts.
I had textfusion after getting too many texts at one time.
by Wild Bor December 27, 2008
When someone's ass is so hairy, it looks like their ass is wearing a helmet.
Donnie took off his pants at the Bucs game and his friends asked him if that was a football helmet or just an ass helmet.
by Wild Bor January 07, 2009
Lazy disorder that is associated with not doing any activities.
I went to the doctor and told him that I sit at home all day on the couch in my boxers and he diagnosed me with LDD - Lazy Deficit Disorder.
by Wild Bor December 27, 2008
A woman who carries a fetus for nine months and then bcomes a nonexisting parent and unmotherly.
Brandt was "Father of the Year" to their child while his incubator of a wife never even celebrated Mother's Day.
by Wild Bor April 16, 2012
When you can see nipples poking through the shirt. AKA Nipples Erected Right Through Shirt
Dude, Did you see her NERTS? She had some pretty big silver dollar pancakes!
by Wild Bor November 29, 2009

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