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A fine fast food restaurant with a large variety of burgers, unique fries, as well as many other unique edibles. They don't make it til you order it.
Let's go eat at Jack in the Box!
by Wild Bill August 03, 2003
Roushy: A mans man, To good looking for his own good.

Roushy is one hell of a guy, and cute too
I want to be just like Roushy when I grow up.
by Wild Bill April 28, 2004
A chicks hairy ass crack
That bItch had a furby hanging out of her panties... Her ass fur is out of control!
by Wild bill February 25, 2012
PureZC is one of the largest Zelda Classic fan sites available, with everything you need for Zelda Classic.
PureZC is a Zelda Classic resource
by Wild Bill April 09, 2003
a cigarette
Gotta spare tube?
by Wild Bill December 09, 2003
One who is known to fart a lot.
It stinks in here again! You are such a fart blossom.
by Wild Bill December 31, 2003
The penis when in proper connection with the testicles.
When Freddy needed to urinate, he whipped out his bagpipe.
by Wild Bill December 30, 2003

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