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Another way to say cigarette.

especially useful to any group of people inebriated by psychedelics (particularly, a dangerous dosage of LSD and shrooms) due to the bursts of laughter in the tripper's friends generated by the utterance of this word, whether purposely or accidentally slurred.

smoke + cigarette
1: ok, ok... enough ripping on that ugly bitch, my sides hurt. i need a smigarette

2: (hysterical laughter)

1: what?

2: damn these must be some good mushrooms, 'cause i swear you just said 'smigarette'
by Wild Drunken Bill July 11, 2008
a humorous nickname applied to an uncircumcised man.

other nicknames for uncircumcised men are: rumple foreskin, jedi (the foreskin is strong with this one), and bruce lee (enter the foreskin, foreskin of fury)
i feel bad for ol' Dr. Keforeskin... poor bastard has to clean out his smegma every day.
by Wild Drunken Bill August 06, 2007
(Irish slang)

the act of wedging a pipe bomb, molotov cocktail, or other homemade incendiary device into the anal cavity of a loyalist.

the Belfast Breakfast originated in the 1920s as an IRA torture and/or revenge method, not as wedging a pipebomb directly into the anal cavity, but rather dousing a loyalist's pants in whiskey and lighting, followed by uproarious drunken brogue laughter. It quickly evolved and spread to other guerrilla groups, and was even mentioned in Eli Roth's short animated series, "the Rotten Fruit."
Banandar: "I'd love to shove a pipe bomb up their arses... give 'em a real belfast breakfast"
by Wild Drunken Bill August 06, 2007
according to the Random House Dictionary, unabridged version, c. 1967, "izzat" is dignity, honour, or reputation, or social rank (especially in societies where the caste system is prevalent, such as India, Pakistan, or the United States)

derived from urdu (a language used in pakistan).
I was tempted to deck the fucker when he fired me, but I have more izzat than that.
by Wild Drunken Bill July 23, 2008
Derogatory, racist term for a wealthy, upscale or otherwise arrogant, pompous person of far-east asian descent, typically natural-born business-class asian americans (as opposed to foreign born).
My neighbours are a bunch of chuppie bastards.

I sold a gram of some ream shitty scag to this dumb chuppy for €150.
by Wild Drunken Bill July 10, 2008
a humorous nickname applied to a jewish friend, generally a short, husky one.
Picajew! long time no see, man... how the menorah hanging?
by Wild Drunken Bill September 22, 2007
An amazing, albeit pointless and rather childish, competition occurring between two or more people, in which the players take turns attempting to convince the other players that their voice sounds different when spoken through a fan.

To qualify for this competition, the player must be highly inebriated on acid and weed, ecstasy, and/or trittles, and it is preferred that they have taken their chemical intoxicants in large enough doses that their mental and physical safety are in question by onlookers.

Gameplay consists of taking turns speaking into the fan and attempting to convince the listener that the fan modifies their voice by breaking the soundwaves. The listening player, just as well, must attempt to convince the talking player that the latter's voice is altered. Once the talking player becomes thuroughly convinced that the fan is breaking his voice up, they switch positions and, again, try to prove the same point to one another.

The match is won in either of 3 ways:
1. When a player becomes bored of the game and begins making figure eights in the air with the cherry of his cigarette.
2. When a player forgets what he was doing and walks off to admire the psychedelic waves flowing from the bathroom mirror.
3. When a player becomes so dissociated that he begins rambling incoherently about ink pens, skittles, and pallet jacks.
Holy shit! When me and Jehova were tripping severe balls last time, i think we played the fan game for almost an hour. I lost.
by Wild Drunken Bill August 05, 2007

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