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2 definitions by Wiggly21

When a boy/girl is kind of chunky and he/she wears a tight shirt pressing their shirt against their skin causing a huge dent or CRATER to form in there cloths filling in their enormous belly button hole
The short squeaky girl was walking toward her Altima and I saw her crater button from a light year away
by Wiggly21 April 24, 2014
Similar to the shocker and mini van, but with the SHORT BUS 1 finger goes in the the woman's vagina and the other 2 fingers of that hand as well as the complete other hand go in the butt (1 driver 7 passengers) causing them to yell, moan and even walk a little bit handicapped
My girlfriend was acting really silly so later that night I gave her the short bus made her walk funny in a special way
by Wiggly21 April 10, 2014