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Arabic name taken from the great leader Mustaf Herod Apyuras (say it with me folks).
That Mustafa be one bad muhfugga.
by Wigga June 26, 2003
Beginner's musical instrument. Popular in the 1980's and 1990's but somehow still around due to multi-level focus group marketing on behalf of the music industry. Obscene amounts of money can be made if you can master fine instrument.
Ja Rule and 50 Cent got their start on the crack pipe and now they be millionaires
by Wigga May 13, 2003
One of Saddam Hussein's late sons killed July 22, 2003 in a coalition operation on the town of Mosul, Iraq.
Doobie and Ebay Hussien were numbers 2 and 3 on the U. S. Central Command's list of the top 55 most wanted.
by Wigga July 23, 2003
A small loaf of feces. A little piece of shit. A tiny turd. See dingleberry.
My cat left a turdito on the carpet.
by Wigga July 03, 2003
The man is bad and has a large cock
Ian, you Badcock, come over here and give me some lovin'
by Wigga November 28, 2003
1) Popular music from the late twentieth century. From the term "Rock and Roll" which is an old blues eupemism for sexual intercourse.
2) Crack. A mixture of baking soda and cocaine.
3) Hard formations of the earth's surface.
4) The most electrifying performer in "Sports Entertainment" today.
Rock used to rock but now all got to do to rock is to sell some rocks.
Y'all need get yo-self some baking soda and blow and hustle some rocks.
What did you get Charlie Brown? "I got a rock."
"Know your role and shut your mouth. Don't make me layeth the smackdown on your candy ass. If ya smellllll!..."
by Wigga May 13, 2003
ppl who cant spel b-cuz day do dis to much
ne u cyber? i "masterbate"
by Wigga May 09, 2003
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