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A bunch of highschoolers/middleschoolers who have a lot of friends but can be mean to unpopular kids. They can also be mean to others because they are jealous or feel inferior to that particular person cus he/she has more/better qualities. However some popular people can be nice, at least, that's what I've been reading her... To tell the truth this is not true in my school XD
Example 1:

unpopular kid no.1: " you know, (popular kid) asked if I liked the clothes I wear..."

Unpopular kid no.2: "What?! She probably thought that your clothes are not in style!"

Example 2:

popular girl: "Oh wow, I used to wear that dress when I was 7!"

unpopular girl: "oh... ???"

(few minutes later) "Hey,wait a minute, she just made fun of my dress!!!"
by WierdAssGirl101 September 05, 2010

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