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3 definitions by Wienie Kong

The verbose and formal variant of the sarcastic phrase "cool story bro".
Person A: ...And so in conclusion, we are able to see that the event that transpired was nothing more than a cleverly disguised ruse and in no way factual as was originally perceived.

Person B: Riveting tale, chap.
by Wienie Kong October 01, 2009
285 17
He is The Dreamcatcher. Gegard is a Dutch-Armenian mixed martial artist who possesses incredible skill in all aspects of the sport. The man is a stud.
Man, Gegard Mousasi fucked up Babalu.
by Wienie Kong September 29, 2009
18 1
A term composed of the words 'sex' and 'academics'. It is similar to traditional sex education, but places an emphasis on practical applications of sexual knowledge, so to speak.
Say, I heard you're taking sex ed.

No, I'm taking sexademics. The things I learned have definitely made the girlfriend happy in bed.
by Wienie Kong May 27, 2009
7 3