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a neighborhood in Chicago located in West Town. Home to a large community of artists and hipsters. You can't go 10 feet without seeing someone with 3 or 4 different shades of hair color. Wicker Park is a cool place to hang out. There is a movie starring Josh Hartnett that was filmed in Wicker Park.
My username for urbandictionary is Wicker Park.
by Wicker Park July 19, 2005
a beautiful full figured black woman feautured on America's Next Top Model and Celebrity Fit Club (to date). She has aspirations of being the first full figured supermodel.
Tocarra Jones is beautiful
by Wicker Park July 19, 2005
Speaking in an unknown language. That is to say it is unkown to the speaker but is not unknown to God. Speaking in tongues began on the day of Pentacost by Jesus' disciples. The purpose of speaking in tongues (in my view) is to issue prayer that encompasses issues of life unknown, but needing to be dealt with. Speaking in tongues may seem foolish to the average person (even the average Christian), but if you desire wisdom, it is the thing to do.
The Holy Spirit's indwelling is made aware by the evidence of speaking in tongues
by Wicker Park August 19, 2005

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