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2 definitions by WiW UK

to drop is drug slang for to swallow a pill, usually ecstasy but also is applicable to amphets, kets, angel dust, valium and any other form of recreationally used pill.
"dude have you dropped yet?"
"nah ima drop at 9 so i can be up for about 11"
by WiW UK October 16, 2006
"shutter vision" is usually an ecstasy user's term to describe a strange vision malfunction. it's hard to explain, but it's like your eyes are vibrating or maybe looking left and right slightly very, very fast.
shutter vision is, of course, caused by ecstasy.
"oh man, i'm gettin shutter vision sooo bad"
"maybe you shouldnt have dropped that 4th shark dude"
by WiW UK October 14, 2006