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It's a game that every kid and some adults knowingly and/or unknowingly play. If you don't clean up well after going number 2 you get skidmarks in your underwear. The person with the worst skidmarks in the house is the Skidmark Hero.
Child - Can you wash my clothes?

Mom - I don't mind washing your clothes. But, if you keep playing Skidmark Hero, your going to wash your own undies.
by Whymeandnotyou22 September 27, 2011
When a caterpillar gets stepped on it goes splat.
kid 1 - Wow! look at the size of that....

Sound 'splat'

kid 2 - uh, Splatterpillar?

kid 1 - It is now.
by Whymeandnotyou22 September 27, 2011

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