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funny how you say Devon Prep has never won a championship in their lifetime--I believe this last fall, Devon swept fall sports--yes thats 3 championships--and again I think Devon had a higher SAT score, GPA score and had students who attended more colleges ranked in the top 25 in the country then Malvern--this is childish that we discuss our differences under an UrbanDictionary.com--under Malvern Prep or Devon Prep--my experince with Malvern guys is that they talk alot of shit but never come to a fight--this is a true showing of inmaturity on both parts so why don't both Devon and Malvern guys shut the fuck up and realize that no one reads this shit because no one types shit about other schools online--lift weights or take steriods or do something with your lives then just sit around and talk shit about your "rival" when the only times we play you in sports is in middle school....
This is inmature--but Malvern does suck...

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