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Usually what bitches say, when they can't think of a decent insult.
Guy: Seriously, just leave. You're bothering me. Go, before I kick your gay little candy ass.
Bitch: I kNOw u iS, BUt.. watam I?!!!1!!1?/?1!1!111!!ONE!!1!ONE!11!eleven!!1!!1
Guy: What the fuck are you talking about?
Bitch: UmMmm............ FAiL!!!!11!11!111!11!!!1!!one!111one1!!!!!!111!!!!1!!!1!11!!11!eleven!!1!!11!1!!!11!!!!1
by Why do you want my name?! August 21, 2011
Someone who hates/dislikes Chuck Norris and his fan base, usually out of jealousy or misunderstanding, or just because they're assholes without a sense of humor.
Average person: "Chuck Norris doesn't go swimming... water just wants to be around him!"
Chuck Norris Hater: "ZORMGZ! Liek, Chuck nOrris joeks is LAme!!!11!!1!!1!!one!!1!1 HES A LOZER!!!1 wat good stuffz has HE evar DOnE???/
Average Person: "Well, actually, he -"
Hater: "LIEk ZOMGSsSZ!!!1!!one!!!1!1
by Why do you want my name?! July 18, 2011
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