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Someone who changes their musical style/goes to a bigger record label to make more money. People just say sellout so they can look hardcore
though. Because let's look at blink-182, they changed their style, but they've been on the same label. Did they sellout ? Who knows ? Maybe they just wanted to change their style from the old less-mature stuff.
People say Greenday sold out with their CD, "Dookie" from changing labels, but they didn't change their style.
by Whoson July 14, 2004
The greatest band ever.

Cerebral Scrub? is the greatest band ever.
by Whoson August 25, 2004
When someone does really bad and it's freaking sexy as hell.

Originated by Jamie Kerns.
You're so sexcore right now.
by Whoson July 13, 2004
Max Sopaz is a gothic pimp.
Holy shit, Max is a gothic pimp!
by Whoson August 25, 2004

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