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1. A popular book series for dimwits and sheeple, which consist of a collection of so called "inspirational" mushy, touchy-feely stories which sheeple like to buy into so they feel uplifted.

The first published book of the series was published by the wonderful and illustrious self-made millionaires, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. They make hundreds of thousands of dollars through the occupation of motivational speaking, which is basically the task of making losers feel better about themselves with one in a million positive results for anyone involved.

2. Currently you can see the authors of this actually soulless work, such as Mark Victor Hansen, on cable tv infomercials pandering pyramid schemes and work-at-home ripoff scams regularly at about 3pm.

Likely to the very most financially desperate and vulnerable people in society.
Middle Aged Lady:
"Think I'll buy this great uplifting book. The last 'chicken soup for the soul' one was so uplifting."
Me: "Please don't buy that empty crud. The authors are soulless shills playing you for a fool, and laugh at you for being a sucker."

2. "Awwww... this story about the cripple who triumphed over his disability almost makes me forget that it was published by a bunch of dicks, who make a living taking advantage of 1000s of people's emotions and low self esteem."
by Whooptiedoo August 07, 2011
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