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13 definitions by WhodiBrown

Taken from the word Alzheimer's disease and deliberately sounding very close to it as a joke .See alt which this definition I am using it for is when a player has more then one character on a MMORPG.

We use it to tease players that make to many characters in MMORPGS like World of Warcraft, Everquest, etc.
Hey man you know you will never get to the max level in this game if you play that many characters....

"I know man I love all these choices in this game...."

yea man.... he suffers from Alt-timers disease...

by WhodiBrown June 05, 2009
another word with multiple meanings like the word fuck.... Most accurate meaning is "dbs from machines,music,airplanes,talking,screaming,anything that makes a vibration, etc

Is also being used now to describe Drama, or plans.
You want to go to Her party.... Man fuck that noise....
Hey man, whats the noise for the night?
by WhodiBrown June 05, 2009
Originally meaning fixing the hair.

Today can be heard for the reference of getting ones ass kicked, or even killed in a video game. Like the new urban word raped
Don't go out there. You will get your ass combed....
Nigga need a ass combed!
by WhodiBrown June 06, 2009
The images and thoughts men (and women possibly) get when checking out the opposite sex and begin to deeply imagine sexual activity.

Or on a nerd level or anything super natural.
#1 Dude you checking out Corisa's ass again aren't you?

#2 Yeah.... I'd spiritually tap that.

#1 Haha your hopeless
by WhodiBrown January 03, 2012
Virgin Mobile cell phone company

Idea partially taken from T-Mobile phone company
What cell phone service do you have?

by WhodiBrown September 07, 2010
Is a middle eastern person, can also be used to mock there native language.

OO like boo without the B
Ka like Ka-trina without Trina
doo is like boo but with a d instead
ka like Katrina again
if a Somalian starts flippin out on u in his native tongue then I just say "well ooka dooka" to u 2 pal.

I hope the Ooka Dookas dont get offended for this im not racist. :P

by WhodiBrown January 02, 2008
A genre in metal where no two songs are alike for a band.

The true only way to tell the two songs are from the same band is the vocalist.
Avenged Sevenfold I consider Experimetal because they always try something new instead of the same sound.
by WhodiBrown June 29, 2013