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a misspelling of words such as: amazing, perfect, funny, hilarious, cute, pretty, beautiful, sexy, fine, ravishing, dashing, gorgeous, etc.
oh man, she is sooo amaris! i would tap that man!
by Whoa man its ME August 30, 2008
nickname given to a young, funny, beautiful, and perfect female.

pronunciation: Foo(food) z(fuzz) ul(null)
Katrina, your my Foozul <3, i love you.
by Whoa man its ME August 30, 2008
a human, of male gender, that resides in a small no name town in jersey. has no friends, a small penis, loose asshole, and likes every guy he sees.

his middle name is flounder, and he likes chocolate cake and gay midget porn.
He's really into track, and thinks hes the best.
His last name is CarBoner

hes really cocky, but only cuz he gets one in his ass on a minutely basis. he has a small brain, and a big mouth.

attempts to flirt with girls to hide that hes gay... fails miserably
Samir Cardona is a flaming horny homosexual pirate
by Whoa man its ME August 30, 2008
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