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A marijuana apprentice. Someone who has been taught the way of the pot head by a wiser and older smoker.
Yeah, you gotta get used to it a bit, you're still my pot'o'jay.
by who_leo August 03, 2010
Television show (Oct '94 - Nov '99) based on the mythical character Hercules Son of Zeus. Best to be seen while consuming massive ammounts of Marijuana, for the cinematography and tranquile music make for a most comfortable high, the story line is also easy to follow. The comedic aspect of the show also makes for a good laugh.
"Watching 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys' is such an intricate part of my smoking ritual..."

"Stop talking and pass the blunt."
by Who_leo August 25, 2008
slang term used for marijuana by paranoid white kids.
"Hey man, you got any shoes/can I borrow some shoes?"
"Yeah, I've been walking all day man."

<Thanks to my friend for being paranoid>
by Who_leo August 23, 2008
Someone who has just done something so lame, you have no words to express your disapointment. An indivual with no common sense. An idiot.

By far, a line that should have been read in Napoleon Dynamite.
"Luke just totally ignored that hot babe that was talking to him!"

"Yeah, he smells like cabbage.:


"You just droped my roor... you smell like cabbage."
by Who_leo August 23, 2008

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