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Fecal Mudd Wrestling is where instead of having Jell-O in the pool that people use to wrestle in, they use fecal matter. They start by going to farms and collecting all the horse and cow fecal matter, and put it in a pool and water it down until it's like mud. Then, people get in the pool and wrestle in it.
Hey Jim, their having a Fecal Mudd Wrestling event at the dairy farm down the road, are you going to sign up?
by WhoFlungCum November 25, 2009
When a woman gets on her knees and angles herself to where her head is up higher than her butt. A man with diarrhea shall go to the top of her body just below her head, and poop out his fecal matter onto her back. As it slides down her back and off her butt cheeks, it look's like a California mudslide.
Man, John sure did give Cassie a big California mudslide last night in the bathroom at AJ's party.
by WhoFlungCum November 25, 2009

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