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Runescape is an addicting MMORPG that is hard to cheat in. The most common way is by macroing, which is using software to complete automated tasks. Runescape's "random" system makes this difficult, but advances in macroing software like Scar are constantly making adjustments to win at the game. You should NEVER believe anyone who is professing that he or she can manipulate your in-game gold amount, items, or levels. That is close to impossible. Scammers use this method to gain your password.
The only true way to Runescape Cheating is through Scar.
by WhoCares357 September 22, 2007
A horribly confusing game with no real "path" to follow while training. It's hard to stick to after playing past the first town.
I liked Shadowbane until I got out of the first town.
by WhoCares357 September 22, 2007

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