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4 definitions by Who knows?

a genius at marketing a team that is past its prime, rakes in a lot of money, associated with many creatures including, Thorin and Kane from elite-pimps

Has a penchant for oversized shoes
There's torbull, damn look how rich he is!

I wonder is torbull ever going to play for 3D again?
by who knows? September 13, 2004
A type of speech impediment where the speaker cannot pronounce the "R" sound an thus replaces it with a "W" sound.
Someone with a plert might say, "The bwight, wed woses seem to be on fiyoh." instead of "The bright, red roses seem to be on fire."
by who knows? October 18, 2004

1. A person whos sexual orientation is constantly changing so that the people around him/her have no clue what the person likes.
Person 1 : "Hey look at Stephen, he's hot!"
Person 2 : "Wait you know he's gay, right"
Person 1 : "No he told me he was straight"
Person 2 : "What!?!? Im so confused now"
Person 1 : "Wait so are you telling me your gay now?"
Person 3 : "Shut up you Idontknowsexuals!"
by Who knows? December 01, 2004
you fool! it means 'marble marble' in FRENCH.
bb, bille bille, bibi. marbles!
by who knows? March 13, 2004